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'cause we all love a Movie Star

I guess most people reading this will be running the latest Flash9 player beta, "MovieStar".

It's pretty damn sexy in that we're finally getting desktop speed in our browsers, which makes a huge difference to the overall performance and smoothness.
For the platform game I'm working on we're really noticing the difference. With MovieStar it's great, feels like an emulated game. With the actual official FP9 release it's not quite as great ( Still good though :) ).

Which leaves us with a slight dilemma, do we push forward with games currently in development now and make them as nice and shiny as they could be 'cause in x number of months virtually everyone playing it will have the official MovieStar release, or do we stick with what we've got now at the expense of the game feeling dated possibly soon after release ?

I found this link which is interesting, and it does feel like MovieStar will be gold and released soon, so sod it, let's build for that power ( Orbs has been built from the very offset to need the speed of MovieStar, it would badly suck in the current F9 player ). I think it's safe to hedge our bets that game players by default move over to the most recent tech. whether that be graphics cards or Flash Players.

Let's hope so anyway.


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