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You'll be surprised where we're big

More a case of doing-anything-rather-than-work-on-the-current-project I thought I'd have a quick glance at our stats, see where we are in the grand scheme of things ( Our Alexa rank has had a little bump recently, we're back to a more healthy #324,797 ).

In terms of countries visiting us, our friends from across the pond are number #1,

United States,
hits: 150,381
sexy visitors: 25,793
percentage out of everyone coming here ( And weeping ):  65.56%

The following places were a bit of a surprise though,

2     Republic of Korea     10,606    3,795     9.65%
3     France                   10,864    3,735     9.49%    
4     China                     10,313    1,987     5.05%    
5     Russian Federation   4,518      1,691     4.30%

I didn't realise there was such a passion for Flash combined with reading a blog which doesn't ever actually say anything at all, in some of those countries. It may be a little egotistical ( Me ? ) but I thought Germany and the UK would rank higher.

So if your are visiting here from one of those top 5 countries, it'd be nice if you could say hi in the comments. Actually, it'd be better if you taught us a swear word in your respective language, be fair, you must have picked up quite a few English ones here.


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  • bas

    6/13/2009 8:59:49 AM |

    "You'll be surprised where we're big" - I thought this was going to be one of your swearing jokes ;-)

  • Eidern

    6/13/2009 4:30:49 PM |

    So I start :
    Hi from your #3 country stats
    and if you wanna bright in society when you travel to france ,
    just shout: "enculé" [an-q-lay]  litteraly means "ass fucked"

    That's all for the educational minute :)

  • Squize

    6/14/2009 12:48:13 PM |

    Ha, brilliant Eidern, thanks for humouring me and my childish ways.

    Thinking about it, there is something really badly wrong with a Flash blog actually encouraging people to swear.

    Bas, thinking of titles for blogs to trick people here isn't easy you know :)

  • Anonymous

    6/16/2009 11:55:24 AM |

    Hi, from Russia.

  • Squize

    6/16/2009 2:38:31 PM |

    Hi Anonymous from Russia, thanks for popping by :)

  • ickydime

    6/17/2009 2:05:32 PM |

    Hey, I'm from the top 5.  But I think you got your bases covered on swearing in my native language ;)

  • manoj sahu

    6/28/2009 9:11:21 AM |


    I am not from these top 5 country but still want to say 'HI', because it is good blog....something very good here to understand.

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