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You still don't like to leave before the end of the movie ...


After quite a long absence, I finally found the time to do a (small) post. What happened so far is that I had a lot of very tight deadlines for the last couple of weeks (mainly because I was pactically forced to go on vacation for two weeks) and all of the things needed to be done during the time I planned to lay flat on the beach and do nothing.

Three of these deadlines fall under the term "NDA", so I can't go into detail there, only that these projects where some niffty flash/zinc apps.

So ther's only one left, which is finished AND a game, too. I wrote about it earlier, I think: "Logimotion".

(Title screen, the first level, delivery robots
and a part of a later level)

Basically it's a quite easy game: just guide the robots from point A to B. All you have to do is to switch junctions/intersections and make sure your robots don't crash. It may become a bit tricky, though. For the current levels, there may be up to 20 of them running at the same time (but you really have to delay delivery for that to happen).

If you want to give it a quick bash, you can play it here: (either chose English or German).

After all that 18h shifts I'm doing a bit of 3D at the moment and hopefully start working on a new game in a couple of days.


ps: want to see my current workspace? 'course you do ...

two 22inch and one 15inch tft, resulting in a desktop
resolution of 4384x1050px ... pure working bliss

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