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...does it only occur to me today that doing some sort of Flash advent calendar for the blog would be a good idea ?

I'll try and plan ahead for next year.

Sorry we've been so quiet recently, so much stuff going on. Word is a big project is going live possibly tomorrow, so expect the usual pimping ( To make up for our silence maybe a mini making of may be interesting, well, more interesting than a "Play this game please, we made it" post ).

Here's a picture of some rain that was just added to Knights Quest today, we call it "Blog filler in the absence of a proper post". Enjoy.



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  • zproxy

    12/2/2010 7:48:44 AM |

    What about other ambient and environment effects?

    Fog? Snow? Lightning? Night? :)

    Looks nice tho!

  • Squize

    12/2/2010 9:12:57 AM |

    Thanks for the comment mate.

    Lightning is already in there, and I was toying with using a layer of perlin noise for a fog effect. I'd love snow and night, but it would mean a ton of assets, which unfortunately we don't have the time or budget for ( Pity, it would be so cool ).

  • bas

    12/2/2010 8:35:01 PM |

    "possibly tomorrow" - more empty promises! :-D
    Looking forward to seeing an update mate. This is going to be a beauty.

  • Squize

    12/3/2010 12:12:13 AM |

    Ha. Out of my hands, down to the BBC right now. I would say tomorrow again, but we'll see.

    Glad you'll still liking the RPG, we've got a very tight deadline with it ( Like all deadlines really ), so I'm hoping we can soft launch it in a couple of weeks ( Writing that actually scares me, there's so much to do ).

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