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Where are my f***** handbooks?

Yesterday my CS3 design premium box finally arrived. Man was I disappointed.

You certainly know the excitement when a *very* expensive piece of software finally arrives? Not that I was already a bit bitter about the fact that I had to pay a *lot* more than an american customer (for the English version mind you).

So I opened the parcel, and what came ot was a ... 5cm x 15cm x 20cm, about DVD-Box sized, thin cardboard box with the CD's ...

I mean, not even a Quickstart guide ... I wasn't really expecting a printed handbook (which really would be a dream), but at least some sort of keyboard shortcuts ...

</rant off>

Though I must admit that the whole thing is impressive ... so I ordered a new comp, too.

So waiting for a bit of free (ROFL) time to start playing ...


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  • Squize

    8/3/2007 10:52:48 AM |

    Premium box ? New pc ?

    Hang on, I'm the brains of this outfit and I'm having to eat dust, and let's face it you're just my bitch, and you've got money to burn.

    Something's gone wrong somewhere.


  • nGFX

    8/5/2007 7:06:16 PM |

    Hey, get real ...

    I had to save 10 years of pocket money for this.


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