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Sorry about our absence the past couple of days ( Although I can't imagine anyone pining for us too badly ).

Remember me saying right at the start of the X dev that if proper grown up paid work game in then it'd be dropped straight away ? Well...

I think we've had a years worth of work all arrive in our inboxes in the past week, and it's now time to do some of that work. I did update X the other day and posted it, but didn't blog about it. I think the main thing is the striker baddie, which is the good old UFO from asteroids.
The game feels much better for having that already, more balanced, and hopefully removes the ability to just sit still and shoot ( Which to be honest was something I always did in the arcade original 'cause that inertia is harsh ).
Also some instructions are in there now, although I think either level 5 or 6 shows the wrong ones ( Fixed on the version on my hdd ).

With X having a rest for the next couple of days ( Only code wise, Olli is about to fire up the 3D package and make beautiful pixels, and then leave it rendering for 3 hours only to come back to see the lighting was wrong ) I thought it would be a nice chance to catch up on all those links I mean to post but never get around to.

Don dropped us a nice line about Hero Town, a game he's developed single handedly. Development started in July last year and took him around 6 months to get it to the lovely standard it is now. This is what you get if you mix a hint of javascript with PHP / MySQL ( I know we're a Flash blog, but some things need sharing ).
Also as the dlc for Fable2 goes lives today ( Don't get me started on the Love Hurts bug in that, I'm one gargoyle short of getting the lot and that bug is stopping me. Of course for anyone who's not played Fable 2 this doesn't mean a thing ) it's good to mention that come this Feb "The Sprite of the Wanderer" update will be coming to Hero Town.
Give it a bash and if you get chance leave Don some feedback, it's what all us developers crave.

I promised a long long time ago ( 19/08/08 to be exact ) that'd I'd drop a link to and I obviously didn't. Sorry GC. What seperates it from all the other shovelware sites that don't give a shit about your copyright is that GC has written his own spider that sniffs out Flash games from all over the web.
The design needs some love, but if you're looking for a specific game that's a great place to start.

What looks like a quick and easy way to hit those social sites with your bad ass game, J2Play is something we'd like to look at sometime. If you have, share in the comments.

Another thing I'm panting to play with, and hopefully will with in X, is Flash Joystick. It supports rumble, how sweet is that ? Yeah I'm going to go to a ton of effort to support it in X when there's quite possibly only me in the whole world who will go to the effort of setting it up. But it rumbles!

Flash Truth blog, man you get away with murder, I love it. That's the sort of honesty that gets dog shit posted through your letter box and is always a joy to read because of that.

A little late, but there's always time for good will to all men. 8-Bit Jesus, that is pure retro gold.

Wow, just linking to things is much easier than having to think of my own words, I can see why there are so many lazy ass blogs now.


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  • Jeff Fulton

    1/13/2009 5:01:33 PM |

    8-bit Jesus and  the Flash Joystick are the sweetest of the sweet NAZ!
    When is the Blackburn  / Fulham match going to be re-scheduled? That will be mean fighting against myself. I guess I will be happy no matter what happens.

  • Squize

    1/16/2009 6:07:54 PM |

    I thought you'd like the 8-bit link :)

    I'm not sure about when that match is going to be played, I find when I'm busy Football is the first passion I let slip.
    I'm just hoping Man City don't open their cheque book too wide to buy Santa Cruz

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