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The morning after the night before ( II )

I did write a great entry, quite possibly the greatest prose ever written, but I / the blog messed up and it was lost.

Instead you'll have to make do with the usual shit quality of writing.

Where did day 2 take me with GMM ( That's it's code name from now on ) ?

I added in all the "surround" tiles. In a usual iso game the playfield is a diamond shape. To fill this up a little and to keep it more inline with the look & feel images I've filled this area in with tiles that will be on other screens ( If that makes sense ). Hint of blur and darkened up a little and it looks pretty damn sweet.

Next up was the player. He's in. He walks. He stops at walls. All good.

After that, the dreaded nasty depth sorting. It's not something I'm usually very good add, I always struggle to get it spot on, so I had a bit of research around how other people do it. I found the way I normally do it, ie depth=mc.x+mc.y*playField.width, and a really nice looking way which calculated the z-depth correctly.
My solution was to do something totally different.
All the tiles have a big healthy gap in their depths so I can drop sprites in-between them without there being any sort of clash of depths ( as2, no depth management here ). The player sprite finds out which tile his on, gets it's depth, and make sure his depth is higher. As simple as that.
When moving the player sprite looks at the next tile and grabs it's depth, so it's always at the correct depth ( I wish I could find a way to explain this without using the word depth so often ). There was a slight issue when moving in directions which would mean the next tile would have a lower depth than the one he's standing on ( ie, moving up, or NE ), that was fixed by only updating his depth halfway through the walk cycle.

It all seems nice and solid so far, and quite simple to do. I'm just hoping it doesn't trip over when there are bigger / taller tiles in there.

Then there was a slight bug with the actual movement. He'd drift off course ever so slightly every move, which meant that after no time at all he'd be quite a way off the tile he was meant to be on. Olli came up with the fix, which is another simple one, the player just finds out which tile he's on when he's finished his walk cycle and then aligns himself to that. Piece of piss.

I think that's it. I'm sure I wrote a lot more first time, but it's never as fun second time around. Today has been spent working on an old project which is like an albatross hanging around my neck, so no new update tomorrow ( I know I've only lasted 2 days, but to be fair I'm not missing a day out as such ). Maybe I'll post some trite eye-candy here to fill the gap.


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