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May contain nuts.

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  • bas

    5/2/2009 2:13:42 PM |

    Yes, it is. Or at least, I think it will be.

    (kinda like moving through the scene editor in Unity :-)

  • chrisError

    5/2/2009 7:45:52 PM |

    yup. you are right.


  • Jeff

    5/3/2009 5:09:36 PM |

    I love scary clown shit and this was freaking AMAZING! Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

  • ickydime

    5/4/2009 10:09:25 PM |

    wow, that is sick. incredible marketing piece for phillips (if viewed on the microsite that is... didn't realize who it was for when i viewed it on the blog).  

  • nGFX

    5/5/2009 6:48:20 AM |

    If they had published that piece of cool hardware earlier this year ...

    Oh well, so I just keep mine.


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