Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

So you're curious yeah ?

Written a game, or just planning to write the next HeliAttack ? Either way, no matter how great your love of game development is, it's still nice to have something to pay the bills with.

Our mate Adam ( Author of the sexy Asteroids Revenge III ) has put together a great resource for all things sponsorship. If you're an old hand, or brand new to the whole world of selling your Flash ass for cash, it's well worth a read.

In fact, do it now, by clicking here.


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  • Adam Schroeder

    9/24/2007 1:20:05 PM |

    Thanks so much helping promote FlashGameSponsorship!  

    Its greatly appreciated!

    All the best,


  • Squize

    9/25/2007 4:38:24 PM |

    Not a problem mate, just remember to link back one day when your site's getting more hits than google ;)

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