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Quo vadis Wii?

So I admit it ...

I once was a proud Wii owner. "Was?" I can here you ask. Well yes somewhat.

I own a Xbox 360 since the week it came out and I really like it and the games, too. (And please, keep all Wii, PS3 or whatever is better comments to yourself, as it really doesn't matter).

But this summer I bought a Wii, I like the control scheme, the browser and a lot of the classic games. Oh, speaking of games, this is something the Wii is currently very weak at.
I played Zelda, which is nice, but not that nice, a lot of boring running around scenes, not to mention this very unpleasant save game system.
I like Wii sports after a few hours of coding.
I loved Resident Evil 4.
Excite truck managed to be some fun for a few hours.
I was very pleased when Alien Syndrome hit the stores, but that passed after 3 hours of mostly boring and uninspired playing.

Well that's it. Is that all they managed to produce on the games end? Pretty much yes so far.
I admit (agian) that I don't like party games (And metroid isn't my cup of tea either).

But this time's Wii update really hit me, now the photo chanel cannot playback mp3 anymore, just aac.
Speaking of mp3, why the fuck isn't there a music chanel? Something that can playback music while showing some random colours?
I'd really like to use the Wii at times as music player (yes, I could use the 360 and because the Wii cannot, I do it, too), but the 360 is quite noisy and sometimes I just want something smooth as background music.

So when are there going to be some more "adult" oriented games (not in the Squize way adult, mind you)?
Or a music player?
Maybe even dvd playback?

I reached a point where I think I could well have lived without a Wii ...


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  • Vex

    12/11/2007 5:14:21 PM |

    You need to get yourself Super Mario Galaxy... Awesome game. I agree on the MP3 thing though (rumour is there might be some tie up with Apple and iTunes at some point.. )

  • Squize

    12/11/2007 5:21:30 PM |

    Wow, hello stranger :)

    I've got my eye on Mario and the new Resi Evil shooter ( Although I don't know if that's any good or not yet ).

    For me the Wii suffers in that it feels like a toy, and whilst the games are pure fun I find I'd rather spend an extra tenner and get a 360 game with all the depth and gloss that I'm a sucker for than get a Wii game. And aside from Mario and RE4 there aren't many other must have Wii titles.

  • Vex

    12/11/2007 6:37:31 PM |

    (Yes, I'm stalking you again... ;) )

    Mario Galaxy really is brilliant, and I've never been a fan of Mario, but this game is really worth every penny.

    I do know what you mean about the 'toy' thing though. I tend to buy 'fun' games for the Wii, and 'proper' games for the PC. Think that's just the whole Nintendo thing though.

    Apparently the new Olympics game is good, but not sure I want another sports game. Looking forward to Super Smash Bros Brawl, that looks like it's going to be good.

  • tomsamson

    12/11/2007 8:45:06 PM |

    I agree. First of all the Zelda game on Wii is pretty bad in case you´ve already played lots of zelda games and aren´t a blinded fanboy.
    It was so extremely repetitive and annoying (again, having played all the old zelda games before) that i stopped played it after playing it for around 30 hours.
    (i maybe enjoyed 5-10 of those 30)
    Mario Galaxy is a great game (besides some intended cam issues and yeah, this one actually felt way fresher in gameplay than zelda :) ), Zack & Wiki is a nice adventure game in case you´re into that stuff, Resident Evil 4 is awesome (though just a port), RE Umbrella Chronicles is a fun light gun shooter (though without propper lightgun and short) and No more heroes is shaping up to become a cool more adult oriented game.
    Besides those i´m not looking forward to that much else either though.
    (maybe i´ll get wii fit but that´s no game really ;) )
    To me the Wii is lots of wasted potential so far, the virtual console games are overpriced and underfeatured (compared to getting games on xbox live where they also add online leaderboards and what not all to classic games), with the current pricing policy and no features adding system vor vc games i have no interest in buying old games for which i already payed once.
    Overall all online features (shop, online gaming etc) are laughable compared to what xbox 360 offers there.
    Similar things could be said about various other wii services/features, big potential on all ends but in many cases untapped and intentianally untapped.
    Like for example i understand that Nintendo is a lot into having a protected childfriendly online system, but come on, if i could proove once that i´m over 18 and in return be able to freely play in a propper online system without friend codes and such other limitations that´d be awesome.
    Aditional channels like weather channel etc are nice in theory but don´t seem to be updated in content often enough to be seriously useful.
    Overall downloading stuff on the console is nice but without propper (upgradable) hdd i´m not into filling up my limited space that much anyway.
    As european customer i´m also pretty annoyed that good retail games often still come out way later in pal region than elsewhere, partially the same counts for VC games.
    I could go on and on,overall i feel like they started out great with the Wii but meanwhile are turning it more and more into a fad by not realizing enough of the potential.
    I got myself a 360, too, the wii is nice as party or core gamer secondary console, if you´re a (hard)core gamer and its your only console its a pretty big disappointment.

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