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I'm enjoying these one word titles, it's saving me a bit of effort when trying to think of something catchy.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is below. Forgive youTube it's nasty nasty compression, we did try vimeo over and over again, but it just kept falling over on the file.


Or you can hit it directly here.

I really don't know when it'll be out, there's been a general appathy towards it atm, perhaps we need to add a shop system to it.


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  • Rich

    6/17/2008 10:18:14 AM |

    I think it looks great. Have always been a big 2D pinball fan (Pinball Dreams, oh yes!) and the video certainly looks like it will tick all the right boxes. Maybe the setting (Wild West) isn't "topical" enough for the portals? Perhaps you should have themed it around something like ninjas and pirates (*sigh*).

    Personally if I was to make a pinball game I'd want less realism and more carnage - ala Alien Crush :) (I think that'd go "down" well with the kids too, but who knows)

  • Jens

    6/17/2008 10:55:06 AM |

    I am not sure I will like that it scrolls horizontally. I am fine with vertical scrolling. I like that, just like it was in the early greatest pinball games ever (pinball fantasy and pinball dreams and others), but horizontal scroll is something else. Might be too small a viewing area. But I guess I'll wait and see. Looks great anyway and can't wait to try it.

  • Squize

    6/18/2008 10:08:24 PM |

    Hi Rich. Yeah Pinball dreams was our starting ( And ending to be honest ) point for this game.
    As to the portals, we're going to do a sequel featuring ninjas, pirates and zombies, with a shop every level where you can upgrade the level of your flippers and ball ;)

    We're not overly worried about the less than huge crowds kicking down the door to buy it, and we're even looking at self publishing it with ads and skip the whole sponsorship thing. We'll see. Extra cash is always nice, but not for the sake of selling the game short.

    Thanks for the post Jens. I kind of got it in my head that the dreams / fantasy games had horizontal scrolling. It's not the first time I've used my memory to make a game based on something else and being wrong.
    With hindsight we would have just left it vertical, the extra room it afforded us has been outweighed by people not liking the extra motion. Getting the camera to always be in the best position was tricky, and it's still not a 100%
    I do like it feeling like it's ultra twitchy because of the movement on the x, it feels frantic for it, but I think I'm in the minority with that.

    Live and learn. Ninja Pirate Zombie Pinball will just scroll on the vertical :)

    ( Wow, I'm doing a mini post-mortem on a game that's not actually live yet )

    Thanks to both of you for taking the time to post here.

  • Jeff Fulton

    6/18/2008 10:44:31 PM |

    I can't wait for Ninja Pirate Zombie Pinball Tower Defense and Ninja Pirate Zombie Pinball Line Rider!
    The portals will eat those up.

  • nGFX

    6/18/2008 11:52:44 PM |

    Darn, so I guess I should re-theme my idea for a LotW theme puzzle game and just go with a Ninja Pirate Zombie Pinball Tower Defense Puzzle.

    Although I always wanted to do a pirate based game - hold on that was before PoC 1-3 ... still ...


  • Squize

    6/20/2008 2:23:55 PM |

    "Escape the room" pinball, now that's the future

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