Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

PSA time

A couple of links today.

If you want to go to the Flash Gaming Summit and would like to save 15%, enter the code "Blog_gamingyourway" and hey presto, more money for beer ( Thanks to Ja'Nay for including us in that offer ).

Next up, Garret emailed us about develteam, a social networking site for indie devs. I'll be honest I've really not had time to register / check it properly out yet, but the concept of helping to form teams in a structured environment ( As opposed to just asking on NG, or even FlashKit games, remember when that was a thing ? ) is a very cool idea.
Speaking as a coder it's not easy setting up working with an artist who has the same vision for a game as you, this should hopefully make it easier, and is well worth checking out.

That's it, pimping all done.


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