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So a couple of days ago I was damp with excitement that the new Flash player was on general release.

After testing it for a short while, I'm bone dry again.

It simply doesn't perform anywhere near as well as the beta. My heart's not into comparing it to the last F9 release, it is quicker, but compared to the beta 3 it's a bunch of arse.

This is a real blow. In terms of Orbs it means I'm going to have to cut back on what I was planning, as that was specifically targeting the speed of the beta.

Beta 2 was quicker too, so I don't understand why the final release is slower than the previous 2 beta players which have been around for months. What's more annoying is that I don't understand why adobe would release two beta's with a certain speed, which you would code to and try and take advantage of, if the actual release player isn't going to match it.
It's like test driving a car only to have the engine changed when you actually buy it.

I'm pretty fucked off with this, as we all should be, and I've spent enough energy being annoyed, so if anyone else is interested to take this further, or has some insights into why this is the case, there's a thread on FK games.


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  • tomsamson

    12/7/2007 4:41:57 PM |

    very required and good post, hope way more people who experience the same results post about the issue on their blogs so Adobe sees there is indeed an issue which should be addressed.
    Just as you (as i also said in that thread on FK) i wonder how it can happen that beta players have so massively better performance than  the release player.
    Also i don´t get how it can happen that actually the last beta before release has so massively better performance and then the release one comes out, which obviously has dramatic changes compared to the previous beta (and had no beta testing time itself with those changes which affect performance in negative way so radically).

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