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New old game

Come here a sec and take my hand. We're going to go on a little trip back in time.

Way back when I first started making Flash games I did 3 games as part of the "Majestic trilogy". Making this package was MJ-12, X and Ultra Armageddon. MJ-12 was the only one that met any real success, and it ended up on miniclip as my first ever commercial sale ( You won't find it on there though as it was rebranded and had our logos removed. Ah the good old days when things like that were thought acceptable by portals ).

Later on I tarted up the games a little and added a hi-score API for pnFlashGames ( Which now seems to be dead, which is a pity ) who then sold them for a nominal amount to webmasters so they could have "better than free" game content on their site.
I had an idea for a reskin for MJ-12, with the idea of selling it as a limited edition on pnF. A one week only remix thing. Unfortunatly wires got crossed, and it wasn't made a limited edition ( Which I wasn't happy about as it just came across as a lazy cashing in on an existing game, rather than a bit of fun as was intended ) but rather was just added to the store there until it all died.

I was looking through my storage folder on the hdd the other day, and re-discovered it. After showing it to both olli and Jeff @ 8bitRocket to make sure it still stood up ok as a game I cracked and removed the old branding, fixed and tweaked some minor things, and now it's sitting on GameJacket.


I'm almost bracing myself for the "It's not very original" comments on all the sites it ends up sitting on, I say almost, 'cause to be honest I couldn't really give a shit. It is what it is.



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  • Rich

    4/24/2008 11:40:38 AM |

    Great stuff :) I loved the little touches such as the particle trail on the missile, the "old film" glitches over the screen, and the mothership on a piece of string! I did notice that when the final invader got just above my ship I could not hit it at all, the missile seemed to start above where the invader was and he just flew right through the trail!

    I guess I should have shot him earlier :)

  • Jeff Fulton

    4/24/2008 4:03:59 PM |

    Original or not, it looks like a Bitmap Brothers version of Space Invaders, and NOTHING is more awesome than that!

  • Squize

    4/25/2008 1:46:59 PM |

    Thanks for the feedback Rich. That's an anoying bug ( And an obscure one too, always the best kind ), I'll try and look over it this coming w/end.

    Cheers Jeff, although it looks more like the Bitmap Bros on a bad day. Doing a quick mock-up. In the dark. Although the comparison is more than welcome :)

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