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Look at what you could have won

Final couple of days of pinball development so time to show a quick grab. As the table graphics aren't quite final yet I can only show the medal screen.


So the rest of the day for me is adding the final sound effects and there are a couple of bugs and things that need tweaking, then just got to drop in the preloader and it's code complete. From there as soon as Olli's finished the final render of the table and the light layers we're good to try and sell it.

Nearly there.


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  • kdsh7

    6/3/2008 9:08:55 PM |

    What a great idea - the western look is inspired. Really like the look of the matrix display too, lovely effects on the text. Is the fact the woman goes 'round the world like saying that a woman garbed in that particular type of attire gets around?

    Maybe I'm looking too much into it. But then again, there's only the one screenshot! Looking forward to seeing the game :)

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