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Look who's getting all social

Just a really quick post to mention we've got a Facebook page set up for all things Outpost.

At present it's more focused on the development of Outpost 2, so if you want to see the brand new inventory screen WIP for example, shoot on over there, with the view that eventually it'll become a hub for everything to do with the 3 games.

( I'll still be posting here about it, but the less sweary ones will be mirrored on the FB page, plus my hands are a little tied with what I can post. Tech things like the shadows are fine, but I don't want to be giving too many spoilers away, so yeah, I'm a little limited in what I can share ).

Anyway, here's the all important link: If only there was some way on Facebook to show your appreciation for something, some sort of button you could click to show how fond of things you were, because if there was such a thing I'm sure you guys would happily press it.


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