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It's official. We're whores

Yet another post where we just talk about someone else's work rather than our own. It's just so much easier.

This time it's our mate Mark, and his first steps into the world of iphone and all the gold that goes with that. It's a port of his hit game Particle Pong.

Now to be honest, he doesn't really need the money. He pays someone to burn the cash that he can't fit in the bank vault, but if you have an iphone and want a great game, then he's all but giving it away ( Guilt I think ).

Interested ? Yeah I knew it, I could tell by the way you were reading this. K, it's as simple as putting your mouse pointer on this link and clicking it. It's really that simple to have a pong game with an orgy of particles running on your swanky iphone.


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  • Squize

    6/10/2009 11:29:30 AM |

    Cool, that's my first 10% cut ;)

    Nice work on getting your first iPhone game out there too Jim. btw is the tanks game live yet ? Last time I saw it it was looking sweet, great transition, but the movement felt a bit clunky ( Actually I think I still owe you an email reply about that, if so, sorry mate. It's not rudeness, just shitness ).

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