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I knew it wouldn't last

So I skipped a day. I'm pretty surprised it was only one.

Yesterday was a bit of a painful one, I guess that's why I couldn't face writing an entry about it.

It was a lot of skinnning up as I was getting new assets through out the day. It's always a double edged sword, on the plus side getting great new assets really gives you a boost when you're getting a bit sick of the game, it makes it feel new and fresh and complete.
On the harsher edge, it's very rare that you get every asset just how you coded them, so there's always a bit of jigging around. A good designer knows they're way around Flash, and Ian whose done some great work on this, has made it as pain free for me as possible.

At this stage of a project, the vinegar strokes, you can't hide from things. All those boring / tricky / hard / nasty jobs that you've been putting off have to be tackled. The original assets were delivered as vectors. The head seperate from the body, that kind of thing ( So for example you can just have the head tweening over 5 frames, whilst the body animates over 20 to get a complete running cycle in there ). What the original artist had done was to draw them huge, and then just scale them down to size. That's all cool with vectors, but not so great with bitmaps.
Basically it meant exporting every single vector frame ( Again ) to a bitmap, and then re-sizing them all ( One of the baddies was over 1000 px wide, each frame ) and then batching them with Fireworks to 8 bit png's with alpha blending ( The best thing ever ).

Drawn out, boring, but so worth it. The game dropped from around 2.8meg to 1.7meg.

Today, the big push. We wanted it live by five. If you don't want to know the outcome, don't look for a link on this post.
First thing, and a bit late in the project but it's been really condensed, was a To Do list. Just simple and quick done in Notepad. First thing this morning I was looking at around 12 things that needed attention, from the simple ( Alter 1 graphic ) to the things you don't want to be doing on deadline day ( Fix major, fatal, bug on the horizontal collision ).

We managed to burn through it, although we spent around 4 hours getting the sfx in and working nicely ( It does sound really good, it all fits well ). Top tip, don't fall into the trap I always do of thinking the sounds will only take an hour or so. They never, ever do.
Lot's of little things were tidied up, things which can't be avoided, and it was a case of knocking one thing off the to do list, but fixing another 3 things that I'd spotted whilst working on the original task.

Well, where's the link ? I can explain... We planned to have the game done by 5, but it then slipped to the game done by 5, with an extra hour to put the hi-score and mochi-ads code in.
We got the game done by quarter to 6, and then on to the hi-scores. I'd been avoiding these, as they're a pain in the arse 99% of the time, and mainly 'cause mtasc wouldn't compile them ( It's a component developed by gimme5games ) so I didn't want to revert back to using Flash until the very end ( mtasc compiles the game on average under a second, Flash with all the sounds in it, makes that about 20-30 seconds ).

I had a bit of a mare getting them working, but it wasn't too dragged out. Then on to mochi-ads, which I've never done before. In the mean time the game was being tested briefly, where a couple of bugs were thrown up.

It became time to admit defeat, the assets for the site weren't done, so it wasn't going to go live tonight anyway. The game needs more testing too, it's only been really tested by the people working on it, and you need a fresh pair of eyes.

Very gutted to be honest, it sucks donkey to really kill yourself to hit a deadline only to fall flat on your arse. And on that note I'm going to call it a night, and tomorrow is a new day ( A love day no less ) and there will be a shiny new link on here.


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