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How did I know ?

Way back on the 5th of Feb I wrote these wise words,

"We came up with the issue of the lower powered shots just stunning the baddies, and then in theory the player could just sit there shooting the crap out of one baddie to earn a hi-score. Ok, you'd have to be pretty anal to do it, but it does happen"

In less than a day people have worked this out. The hi-score at the time of writing is 1,111,580, that's about 500,000 higher than the number of points "readily" available in the game.

There's a lesson there somewhere.


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  • Vyper

    2/18/2008 3:28:57 PM |

    How sad must someone be to want to sit there just to gain points just to be top of the leaderboard?!

  • Squize

    2/19/2008 10:54:43 AM |

    I must admit, to get the last gamerscore out of Dirt ( On the 360 ), I did some levels on the rookie setting. I'm a gamerscore whore like everyone else, although it's not easy to admit :)

    Although yeah, to just sit there for hours shooting an object to get the highest score on a game is not really normal.
    Just goes to show how you have to plug these holes as a developer, I've only got myself to blame as I actually wrote about it happening, and did nothing to stop it ( We did talk about only letting you score x number of points per baddie, ie it would be shot out, but we figured that could look weird and even more buggy than allowing someone to sit there for hours shooting the crap out of a panda ).

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