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Hopefully the last post about performance

Well I was going to do a review of the year just gone, but time's against me, so I may be lame and do it tomorrow. Only a day late.

As regular readers will know finding the performance drop in the official release player compared to the beta's was as welcome a surprise as waking up next to your mum, so I thought I'd try and be a bit pro-active, rather than just bitching.

Firstly I posted at although my comment wasn't posted ( 1 about the performance drop was at least, although no response there ), so I posted a comment over at Emmy Huang's blog, and Emmy was excellent and put up with my slightly wingy emails about the subject with some really helpful replies.

The up-shot is,

"@ Squize - I've filed a bug - you're right."

So the good news is it's on a bug list now, rather than just being moaned about by us game devs.

There seems to be quite a few bugs with the latest release. Normally I wouldn't even care to look, Flash player bugs are normally just things you stumble across as you work, so I don't know if there's more with this latest build than normal due to the big changes going on under the hood.
Looking at it positively if there are a lot of bugs we may get another update before F10 rather than people just coming up with work arounds.

Have a good New Year everyone.


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