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Here's one for Walt

A couple of months back I dived in to help our mate marmotte out with a "reskin" of some games.

One of which needed a total re-write to get it doing what needed doing, so 8 days later out popped this...


Also did some work on the "Model city" front-end for the project, as well as other bits and pieces. ImprisonedPride leapt in to help with one of the games too ( Deadline was as tight as you like, it was all hands to the deck ).
Like all games with an insane deadline, it sat around for a while waiting to go live, and today it finally is ( Only 3 projects sitting around gathering dust now, getting there )

So click here like your life depends on it, and enjoy 3 pretty cheeky games ( With some great visuals and music ).


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  • Daniel 'Viza' Vandali

    11/16/2007 10:54:49 AM |

    Nice games, I actually thought they were all pretty nice. Gameplay was rather basic for all of them making the gfx + music the stand-outs, but that's expected I suppose for these kind of client projects.

    A factor that imo, crippled the fun in the games was the extremely low frame rate. I has cracking very low frame rates (5 fps max) in the main menu, puzzle game was reaching avg 10 fps, IP's game hit 20 fps, and your's was normally around 25 fps. - all stats are estimations.

    Anyway, if it weren't for the low fps I experienced, they were pretty good.


  • Squize

    11/16/2007 3:17:37 PM |

    Thanks for the feedback mate.

    The framerate has taken a battering because I believe the "holder" clip is running at 30fps, whereas ideally it would have been bumped up to around 35fps.
    Also we're not sure if the holder kills itself properly. It may have a setInterval, or anything really, not killed off fully.

    Aside from that, loading movies into movies into... impacts performance, had it with the adidas games I did way back, plus Level-Up suffers from it too ( And I know for a fact everything was killed off before running a game in that ).

    As to the games, they are what they are :) Marmotte's work has elevated them way above what they really are. I'm quite pleased with FF, it could work as a standalone game and would be quite cool as a Wii browser game, but yeah our hands were totally tied when it came to how the games played, and even the code that ran them ( FF was the only one written from scratch ).

    Cheers for the feedback mate, always good to hear.

  • ImprisonedPride

    11/17/2007 9:15:32 AM |

    Wow, that makes me kind of mad that the holder clip was running so slow... it really stole a ton from the games. They look nice. The last minute assets in PS look beautiful and very fitting (I obviously didn't have the pleasure of putting them in).

    Either way I was surprised it took this long to get the games live.

    Again they look nice, play nice (a bit slow as Viza said), but overall I think we can be happy with the presentation, be thankful it's done, and pray that you never have to work for Disney ever again (or someone tied to Disney down the chain).

    Oh and I look forward to working with you again soon. despite how badly I killed myself to get PS done, it was a real pleasure working with the group. See ya.

  • Squize

    11/18/2007 8:53:23 PM |

    Yeah it's a pity they're not running as smooth as they could have done.

    As to the length of time for the games going live, I'm getting almost used to it. Doesn't make it any nicer to swallow, but I'm finding it slightly easier to be numb about it.

    As to working with Disney, or any company that has such a valuable IP, I think it's just key to constantly manage expectations, get sign off whenever a milestone has been reached and have a project manager whose cool with saying "No" to a client when the need arises.
    It's the client's responsibility to the company he works for to get as much out of the budget as possible so you can't blame someone for doing their job, it's down to the project manager to ensure that things stay within budget without just being obtuse.

    Not easy :)

    Anyway, thanks for jumping on board with the project mate, hope it wasn't all pain, and Disney is a good client name to drop with anyone :)

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