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GameJacket Closes

Rare we do two posts in one day, but this is breaking news and will affect quite a few people who visit us here.

GameJacket closes. Real pity, not just 'cause we've lost a couple of quid, but we were really early adopters of the system and there were a lot of good people involved in it.

We've not long since received an email officially announcing that GJ ceased trading yesterday, and that they'll pass on more info soon.

Even if you never put a game on their system, it's quite a blow for Flash dev in general, as it's another outlet gone.

On a slightly self-centric note, it means our games using the system are screwed. We'll try and rip the GJ code out and reload them as soon as we can.


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  • Colm

    6/11/2009 4:36:48 PM |

    That's funny I was just thinking yesterday gamejacket would be useful for managing updates to our games (after distribution on random portals). Quite the problem that all those games are suddenly going to stop working :/

  • Squize

    6/11/2009 4:47:07 PM |

    Yeah the system in theory was really sound, but I just don't think they were getting the ads in ( I can very rarely remember ever seeing a real life "proper" ad ).

    It means there are going to be a lot of portals with dead links in them now too, and I imagine Mochi is going to get a lot of content in the next week or so.

    Just a pity for everyone really.

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