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Sorry things have been quiet here for a while, I've been busy going to a couple of weddings and making it to 36 without dying ( Quite an achievement considering my lack of doing anything healthy ).

The pinball game still isn't quite gold yet, we're hoping to finally kill it off Thursday. In the mean time whilst it's sitting on FGL we've been included in the new "First Impressions" feature of the site, which I think is a really great idea ( I think it may well still be beta, so I don't want to blab too much about it here as it's not my place to ).

The thing with feedback is culling out the good useful comments from the noise. And by good I don't just mean the "nice work" style comments, but the comments that make you remove the blinkers a little and be objective about the game.

The main concern which has come up is that people really don't like the fact that it scrolls. I find this weird in that I'm used to the 16bit era of pinball games where they all scrolled. It allows for a playfield which is a lot less cluttered and just gives everything a nice sense of scale and scope. I'm just hoping that the slighty broken camera in the version they tested ( Which is fixed now and hopefully always gives you the best view of what's happening and where the ball is going to go ) is the main reason people weren't liking that aspect. If not, then well it's not going to be that popular and that's all there is to it.


Yeah, that's a reflection on there.

Another interesting point raised was about the flipper movement, a lot of people felt that there was almost a lag on them, so that was fixed last night to make them more responsive.

Aside from that ( And filtering out the noise like I said earlier, eg "there are not enough features on the pinball board/play area itself (no bumpers/ramps/etc)", aside from those 3 bumpers and 2 ramps you mean ? ) it's just a polarised comments ( "Too complicated", "Not complicated enough", "Instructions too brief", "Instructions too wordy" ) and things we were aware of anyway, such as the animations running too slow ( This was due to developing at 60fps and then having to drop it down to 40fps for the browser version ).

So a bit more love, a couple of bug fixes, a few more assets from Olli, and it's good to go. We just need someone to buy it off us then.


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  • Jeff Fulton

    6/11/2008 11:45:22 PM |


    Are you looking to sell it off, or get an exclusive sponsorship? I would not sell off the IP, but work with Chris and Adam at FGL to get you a 6 month exclusive some place that will pay well, and then get the rights back to publish it yourself.

    Anyway, is it up on FGL to play? I haven't been there in a while, but since I used to play pinny games almost exclusively (because there was nothing else retro on a pc in 93-97), I'd love to give it a spin.

  • Squize

    6/12/2008 9:54:00 AM |

    Hi mate ( I so owe you a proper email. Weddings and old age really have got in the way ).
    No, we would never sell the source or the IP for a game like this, only commercial clients get that and then that's subject to contract ( Normally an IP is brought to us anyway, such as the Toxic Shock game ).

    It is up on FGL, but not for developers to see I'm afraid. I'll mail it over tonight mate.

    As to actually selling it, we'll see how it goes. If nothing is happening then I've got no qualms about just going the gameJacket route and keeping it sponsor free ( Which in my heart of hearts I'd prefer, well I'd prefer it ad free to but somethings got to pay for the dev time ).

  • Jeff Fulton

    6/12/2008 4:04:31 PM |

    I have a contact at Addicting Games, I can send it over to them for a look.
    Send me a copy later and or a link to a distribution style page that I can to them (if you are interested).
    Don't worry about the proper emails and such, I don't expect a constant supply of Squize contact =) Were all in this together and no one's going anywhere. We just need to make sure the good guys win, whomever those are.
    Did you have a birthday? Congrats!

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