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End of week 2

A bit more of a constructive day today, good to end the first full week of working in the office with.

All the baddies are in now. The 2nd flying one ( Wasp ) that I mentioned yesterday, and 3 types of ground based baddies ( One just moving back and forth, one charging at you, and one jumping around ).
Also all their mutated states are done, some better than others ( It's really difficult having limited graphic resources trying to come up with something more than just making them move / shoot faster. To be honest, I failed. They do just move / shoot faster ).

There are a handful of bugs, but only tiny anal ones which I notice and they really burn me.

Left to do is the "locks" which when shot will turn on previously invisible platforms, and that should be about all the actual content done, so hopefully by the close of play Monday ( Which is the 11th, deadline is 14th at latest, idealy before, so the game can be pimped out ) all the game related stuff should be done, so it'll be a case of adding sfx / extra images / love / making sure it works with the levels which are to be designed for it, and any ad / hi-score stuff which will be needed.
In a perfect world it'll be gold Tues, ready to be pushed out the door first thing Wed with a day in hand. That's the perfect world plan anyway.


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  • Vyper

    2/11/2008 11:43:25 AM |

    Sounds good! I cant wait to see it released. It'd be interesting to see how good this game is considering the time you've had to get it done in.

  • Squize

    2/11/2008 7:36:11 PM |

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out with such a tight turn around :)

    Thanks for taking the time to post mate.

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