Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Day two - still beating polygons ...

OK, I admit I didn't get half as far as I wanted yesterday, there have been far to many distractions on the way, not to mention a big mistake on the design of the character.

Half way through the left leg and the half upper body a test rendering showed: 100% bullshit. So back to pen and paper to get a new idea. If I had a working scanner from where I write this I'd post the scetch, but ... oh well.

Anyway, I had some other projects that needed my attention (in fact they screemed at me), so the first part of the days was wasted fixing some long dead flash thingies (and AS1, too) and after that was out of my system I went back to 3d.

Five hours later (just a few minutes ago) I decided to call it a day and have a finall look at what I have accomplished so far:

A rough OpenGL shot of our hero, head and arms still missing.

One day behind my own schedule, though I hope I get it done tomorrow (arms and head and a few modifications on the breast plate, which looks a bit too stiff imho).

I'm starting a highres rendering now to spot any dents I may need to remove and I'm done for today.


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