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Day six and seven - only the strong ...

So the menu screen is nearly done - I could resist the urge to do it "right" and add some node-based pathfinding just to display some screen changes.

Today is designh day again, because I have to find a way to do the editor in 640x480 without making it a big pain in the a**. To make this task even easier, I have to fit in the 40 different tiles (which includes buttons and traps) and the 9 different enemy types.

Luckily the maps are only 32x32, but it still means they can't be shown completely at 100% (during play you can see only 9x9 tiles at a time), so I'm going to have to add some sort of scrolling and scaling. Although I think I'm not adding scrollbars and just use space&drag for moving the map, as I use some more key/mouse combinations for the editor (like shift&click to paint a secondary tile (to simulate the right mouse button), ctrl&click to paint into the second layer).

Speaking of the second layer, another neat, yet painfull thing (still thinking of a way to get rid of it). It is in there to allow the hiding things blow moveable tiles, so you can place a fire or a button under a moveable wall tile ... joy.
It may just be a good idea to allow access to the tiles of the secondary layer only if a tile sits on top already ... mhm ... we'll see how that is going to turn out.


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