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Day five - have you seen this man?

No post yesterday, not because I forgot it, but because I had a few other things to do.

So today is day five, I'm finally going to code the menu screens (or as far as I get today), it's going to be a bit tricky, because I don't want to just move in/swap the screens.

My Idea is to have some sort of main-board like grid of connected elements which all can send "redraw" commands to it's neighbour, so when you "start" one node it'll look like flowing energy (I doubt I can explain it well).

Now, instead of just going to the next screen, I want to give a "clean up" command and all unneeded elements hide one by one (following the connections) and then redrawing the new grid from the existing nodes.

Wow - that sounds really - unintelligible.

And here's a picture of our hero (more or less :) ):
(not the finall pose and light, though)

Now lets do some coding ...


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