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Day 3

I didn't touch GMM yesterday, so to keep up the constant supply of development highs and lows I thought I'd write up today's instalment whilst it's still fresh.

Today's objective was to be able to move from one screen to another, and joy of joys, you can. It was quite straight forward, took a little while to keep track of all the sets of coords I've got to use ( The local map position, ie the tile at 0,0 on the screen, the local player position within the current screen and the player's position within the whole map ) but nothing too painful. Messed up the re-positioning of the sprite a few times ( You leave the screen at the far right you should be repositioned on the left of the next screen ) but that was where the coords above were just not clicking into place in my head.

Once that was working it needed a quick and simple transition from moving from one screen to another. A quick use of draw(), and a tweened mask and it was all done and works nicely ( Same way as the transitions are done in both Fuel-Factory and Toxic Shock. Grab a bitmap of the current screen, attach a mask to it, run the effect ).

Finally I tried adding the big ass tree tiles. These bad boys took a while, but only 'cause I'd got the keyframe order out of sync ( The tiles are old school, laid out on keyframes like the good old pre-bitmapData days ).
Once that was working they went in there a treat and with no depth sorting issues with the player ( I'll have to be careful where I position the "wall" tiles around them though, as they are huge and it could cause problems, but nothing a little bit of forward thinking won't fix, and a million times easier than splitting the tile up into 32px wide strips ).

And I think that's it. Doesn't sound like much, but it's coming along nicely. Weekend off so Monday will be spent adding the exit to the maze and testing for it, so it should almost be a game then. If by day 5 all the level progression, game over, game complete stuff is done I'll be really happy and bang on target.

Also early next week Olli should be posting about a new complete project that he's been working on for a super sexy huge name client who we're obviously really pleased to be working with.


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