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Day 2, kinda

Following on from yesterdays post, this one is going to be a little bitty.

Yesterday before calling it a day I dropped in another baddie and wrote the mutation routines for them both, so if you shoot the hell out of them without trapping them in a heart they'll turn bad, and be even more intent on killing you.

Today has been more of a consolidation type of day ( Read, boring but necessary ). Dropped in the game over screen animations, and the pause mode ones too.
Ripped out the last remaining presentational assets from the last game, so the hi-score input / display is reskinned now.

Major thing was getting the game to realise when a level has been completed, and bump it on to the next one. Got held up for a while as the Toxic engine was designed for a different tile sheet for every level, whereas this game will just have the one ( Although all the map / object data is still loaded externally ), but got it after about an hour of swearing.
The game also knows how many levels there are now, so the game complete screen has been dropped in and works too.

All quite boring, but it means that it's passed the milestone of being a real game now. Not too much fun, and still quite rough, but a game it is, and that's always good.

Did the preloader too, which involved coding on a movieclip, which is totally alien to me these days, and felt very very old school, but it's only a simple "duplicate lots of clips then move them" routine, about 15mins and it was done.

And that's about it. Tidied up the player dying routines and fixed a bug where the camera wouldn't follow your body correctly if you were killed and fell off a platform. Bonuses at the end of level are all in ( Re-used from the last project, which stole the idea from the JBJ Sisters way back ).

Tomorrow I've got a couple of bugs I want to get out of the way ( If I don't manage it in my last hour today ), and then I'll be adding the rest of the baddies in one big hit, which should be fun.


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