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Call me paranoid...

Whenever I'm developing a game I always get slightly paranoid when a game in the same genre is released, no one wants to write a game only to have something better pipping you at the post.

So I was a bit worried when I read about Fire and Ice ( And not the Amiga game of the same name ).

The worry wasn't removed when on loading it up it looked great, has slopes ( The icing on the Flash platformer cake ) and even uses a similar Star Wars wipe that we've got in place ( Argh ). On playing it through I was relieved to find it's aimed at a much different audience than our platformer. Man that's a hard game.

Let's just hope Fancy Pants II doesn't come out the same week as "NDA covered project".


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  • nGFX

    12/4/2007 7:29:15 PM |

    It really looks nice, and plays well, too.

    And it's character is heavily inspiered by rayman. :)


  • Daniel 'Viza' Vandali

    12/6/2007 12:26:25 AM |

    Err, it is by far a very very polished game, but I honestly don’t think it added much to the gameplay side of things; though, I'm not going to insult it more than that as I can only dream of making such a game :p

    Not trying to put pressure on you, but I've left a few blank gaps in my game document for my platformer because I'm sure there's going to be plenty of neat lil' ideas from your NDA game that I could (meant in the nicest possible) nip from you. :D


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