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Another "...of life" game

Just discovered that "Signs of Life" has finally gone live ( But UK locked only! Licence fees and all that, so sorry rest of the world ).


To be honest I didn't do a great deal, just some of the tests ( ep 4 and 6 from memory, I really should play it through before pimping ) and some under the hood stuff.
A huge amount of really good code was already sitting in place when I started, which made life easier ( And made me look good ).

It's far and away the biggest project I've ever worked on ( Check the credits page, it's just insane ), and I was lucky enough to work with some very talented cool people ( And I also got to see the sights of Shepards Bush for a month or two, always a treat ).

Only 3 more games waiting in the wings to go live now, getting there...


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