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A proper new game this time

My first ever as3 project went live Friday. I'm not going to slip into a "Phew, as3 is harder than it needs to be" style post, but it must have added at least 2/3 weeks to the overall dev time.

Back on with the show, the game is called "Brain Voyage" ( "Brain Benders" in the UK and possibly Europe, although I think the German version may be called something else again ) and is a port of the Nintendo DS game which launched last week.


I've read somewhere that Dr. Knizia is famous the world over and apparently he's designed many many board games.

There are 3 games included in the package, with two levels given with each. The real life game has a ton more, this is a very cut down taster. There is also a facebook version for those of you who do ( The novelty is lost on me I'm afraid ) which has some pretty nice bar graphs for comparing you to the best players in the world and also with the gimme5 hi-score widget for comparing yourself to your friends.

Over all I'm pretty pleased with it. Having it run next to the real game in an emulator is really freakish as it looks and feels so similar ( Not that big a deal when we were provided with 90% of the assets I know, but still kinda cool to be able to do something so accurate ).

Enough hard sell, if you'd like to play it, clickity clickity click here


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