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A game in a week - not with me it seems ...

So, it's 21:11h here in Germany now and just 2 minutes ago I wiped off the last item on my todo list for Via Romanum, a word game I've been working on for the last couple of days.

There will be no public release for the next 2 weeks though (I'm on holiday, yehaaa!).

So without going into detail (I'll have to do a quick rant about creating and searching large lists of words and how to make that quick enough to test a whole 10x10 grid for left/right and top/down combinations of letters that might form words)

Just to set the mood even for our well known logo ...

... the menu screen ...

... and some in game impressions.

Off to the beach now ... nGFX

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  • Monkey Odyssey

    9/5/2009 12:33:34 AM |

    Ha! this is the same gameplay of the game I entered in the word play competition!
    drag rows and columns to form words of at least 4 letters!
    good luck!

  • nGFX

    9/5/2009 10:24:04 AM |


    Great minds and all that. And I completely ignored the whole wordplay competion - wow.


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