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A quick little ol' recap of what was done yesterday ( On GMM ).

I designed the first level ( Using the always easy Mappy ) which took quite a while, and I think it's going to need some tweaking. It gets tricky if you leave / enter a screen on the tiles near the rear corner as you really can't see where the hell you are ( Esp. if there's a big tree slap bang in the middle of the screen ).
I'm hoping it's just a case of tweaking it slightly rather than re-doing it as today I'm at the half way point and there's very little time to dive in and re-do a whole level. Speaking of which, I'm going to hold off designing the next 4 levels until all the baddies / traps are in and working as it'll make a big difference.

Having a working level in place also highlighted a bug, where I'd miss-counted the number of tiles before changing screen, so you could walk out of one screen and straight into a wall on another. Not good.

Added some more tiles to the tileset. I think there's a couple more but they're only minor wall variations now.

Biggest job of the day was putting the level exit in there. I had a wealth of sorting issues with it ( It's huge ) and for a while I got that sinking "The depth sorting is screwed" feeling. I had visions of having to chop up this large vector object, which would have taken ages. Luckily I took the easy option and just changed the tiles alignment and that fixed it a treat ( All the "Bigger than one" tiles are aligned so the bottom right ( SE ) tile is aligned to the other normal tiles. With the exit I just altered it to being the back left tile aligned there. It would break if walking down the side of it, but some well placed wall tiles on the map stop that ever happening. Iso is so hard to explain in words, so thanks for fighting your way this far ).
So the exit is displayed, next up was getting it working. The exit is two tiles wide, so I just have to check the players x/y to the two exit x/y positions. Easy. Oh shit, the player needs masking as he walks through the exit door ( Remember the depth sorting is a big fat cheat, he can't really pass beneath tiles correctly ).
Creating a mask and positioning it correctly didn't actually take that long, it was just one of those [ Many during development ] moments of "ffs, I really don't need this".

With the player being able to complete a level now, next up was to do the level complete screen. I didn't actually get any assets for this so I just knocked up something nice and simple using the format for the game complete screen.
With the level complete screen done ( See how it all rolls into one ) it made sense to do the level bumping code, and with that the loading next level stuff.
Right from day 1 the game's been able to load and parse maps, so this was just a case of a couple of extra call backs ( No events in this game ) and figuring a way of showing that the next level was being loaded whilst you bask in the glory of the level complete screen.
Rather than add a spinner or loading bar, the level data is quite small, just over 10k atm, so I just hide the "Play next level" button until it's loaded. Lazy I know, but the majority of people have a nice fat connection these days so the wait will be a couple of seconds at most ( Plus the levels will be buffered internally once loaded, so the pause will only be there the first time you play it ).

Keeping this theme of rolling from one aspect to another, next up was the game complete screen. I just shoved some times and a bit of score in there and it's all but done.
I called it a night before finishing the "Play again?" button, so that's where I'm starting today. Right now infact. So until tomorrow, bye kids.


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