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That's how long it took me to play through Resident Evil 4, wii version. I also got some extra milage from the "second" mission, and the other bits and bobs they give you..
It's one of the best games I've ever played. When I first started playing it, I remember thinking how much the wii graphics suck in comparison to the 360 ( Gears of War has spoilt me ).
Sticking with it, you don't even notice it. In fact the fire and water effects are just stunning, and the whole atmosphere just drags you into that world.

In terms of levels, the game just keeps giving and giving. It's vast, and you never feel like you're just walking down the same corridor. Just when you think you've seen everything the game could possibly have, there's more. And more again.

One of the most stunning games I've ever enjoyed, just brilliant.

Wednesday, like I imagine one or two other people, I picked up Halo3. It's everything you'd imagine it to be. It's nice and familiar, but a million times larger and wider in terms of visuals and depth. So I had a couple of days hitting it hard after closing Flash. Picture how much it sucked that by Saturday, I've finished it.
Like sex, it's a lot of wow, a lot of enjoyment and... oh, it's finished. At least with sex it's my fault it's over before it needs to be.

It felt like the campaign mode is just there to supplement the multiplayer modes, rather than the other way around. That they've given you these huge ( And perfectly formed ) vistas to mess around with, a handful of new toys, and then sold it all a bit short.
I guess it just shows how much effort a game of this scale really is. I don't think Bungie have been lazy, I just think that if they tried to double the length of the game ( I'm sure I did it in 10/12 hours. Now I'm not the most anal gamer, I didn't go exploring every where, I just wanted to get in there and beat the game. Finding every hidden area has never appealed to me. So yes, perhaps if I'd gone exploring I could quite easily add a couple of hours to that ), then they'd still be developing it in 3 years times.

Maybe it's a symptom of the huge graphical advances that have come with the current generation of boxes, that we all expect every image to look like a photo of some alien world, that to actually finish developing a game the number of levels have to be cut down to balance it all out.
I mean the Halo3 world is really big, it's just that I didn't think I'd tear through it quite so quickly.

If nothing else, it's made me realise I do need to get a gold membership to Xbox Live so I can get a lot more milage out of that 40 quid I've spent.

Oh, and at the end, don't skip the credits, there's a little extra at the end.


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