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2007 in words and pictures

Well I've been freelancing for over a year now, and GYW must be due it's first birthday, and what with it being the start of a new year I thought it'd be cool to look back at what's gone before so we can look to the future.


The Day of the Warm Beer. One of my favourite games, I was just given so much freedom on this, and one of the few games that I'm really gutted with didn't have more time with 'cause there was so much more we could have added.
I'd do a sequel tomorrow if I could.
( One quick thing to note, the boys at skive had to alter it, click tracking I guess, so the correct font isn't shown on the sat nav and the arrows pointing to your friends don't tween correctly. )


Polarity. I love parts of this, and really dislike others. Should have been better than it is, but it's still pretty impressive.


Greenlight. A really aggressive deadline for this so it was a stressful development ( I was also finishing off Polarity at the same time ). Not my thing to be honest, but I think what we did we did well. It's recently had some more levels added to it, but I was tied up so they were done internally at Skive.


Think & Drive. My first job with Morpheme ( Before starting on the Phantom Mansion games ). It's still sitting around waiting for the client to supply a final bit of copy before going live. Feels a bit dated now ( It's been gold over 6 months ) but it's still fun, and it was great using the mouse to control a driving game.


Signs of Life. Epic huge project, although I really had next to no input. A pay the bills job for me.
I'm not going to link to it as it's UK locked due to it being a BBC project ( And therefore funded by UK licence fee payers ). I think 'cause of that it's recieved a lot less attention than it deserves, which is a crime.


Phantom Mansion(s). A very difficult and drawn out development, but we're there now and it plays really well. I've just all but finished the next chapter ( Blue, which is number 5 I believe ? Starting to blur a little now ) so that should be out before the end of the month.
( Some of the early chapters have an issue with the loader frame work, if it gets to 3 hands on the preloader and just sits there, hit F5 and it'll work fine ).


Model City. Bit of an emergency job to help out a mate, I re-coded Fuel Factor-Y from scratch in 8 days ( I think that includes the never ending supply of amends ) as the original game source we were given would have been too much work to reskin and add the additional features.
Also did the code for the model city itself ( The loading Hub ) and various bits and bobs on the other two games.
Not the most fun project I've ever worked on.


Crazy Balls. Just a rebrand and re-release of an old game to see how it would fair on Kongregate. It died on it's arse.


The Game of Life. This was actually being developed when I was working on Signs of Life ( And "Golden Balls", which still hasn't been released and I think I'd be badly busted if I even posted a screen shot of it ).
First time as a project manager, and one of the best things I've ever done, and great working with Olli and Marmotte on it. There's more than enough posts about it on the blog so I'll leave it as that.

And that's a years worth of development. Hopefully when Olli stops being lazy and taking time off he can post some of his goodies too.

Coming up we've got the platform game ( Which I'm really proud of. It's on par with GOL in terms of love and quality ), the continuing Phantom Mansion games, Orbs and Olli's got a great old school game that we've been commisioned to do. All good.


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