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Toxic Shock

After what seems forever "Professor Sauernoggin and the Landfill of Doom!" is live. Hurray!


My first ever platformer! ( Well, Loved Up was technically launched first, but it was built on this game ).

A huge thanks to everyone involved for making it what it is ( Marmotte for the always great art, RayB for doing such an excellent job in the project managers role, Matt for the bouncy tune and Olli for the server side stuff that means you can see your hi-score and get a discount on candy if you finish the game! Nice ).

Just to caveat it a little, it's for 6-16 year olds, so it's not hard core, and as with all things Flash, play it in IE ( Firefox will just give you the "Playing in treacle mix" ). There are seperate html pages coming any day now which use the wmode trick for IE users to make it play even smoother.

Happy Easter everyone, now go play my beauties, play.


They're golden, and they're balls

Had a quick google to discover that Golden Balls, the game I did the middle of last year for Endemol gaming is finally online ( Has been for a while apparently ).

It's a bit more text heavy than the version I finished up, and it looks like the contestants disappear on level 2, only appearing on mouse over ( Although my work monitors aren't the best so it could be my eyes ), but it's pretty much as I left it.

You can play it in demo mode, which means you don't have to gamble cash for real, and I've got to be honest I found it quite a fun game to play during it's development ( Which was a sweet one too, contracted for 8 weeks, turned it 'round in under 15 days, which meant I was freed up to work on GOL. That's how long ago I worked on it ).

It's well worth a quick play, although remember it's hosted on a gambling site before you go a clicking.


More lazy boy links...

...and a bit of self centered bleating.

As Flash developers we all know how a lot of sites just pull the piss and will quite happily steal games ( And if you're really lucky, drop their ads into them. Nice ), but this story is just a whole new level of pulling the piss.
Really worth a read.

Now on to the self bleating. GOL got a review at Channel 4 games. 5 out of 10. Visitors to the site actually rated it less than that. It works out ( Using channel 4's rating, let's not make it worse ) at 1 point per game. And nothing for the front-end.
Following that down it's natural path, it means that say "Souper Bowl" would only score 1. Hang on, perhaps it scored less 'cause it's a collection of mini-games, let's double that. 2. Out of 10.
It's a sickener to think that the whole is actually less than it's parts. That's quite an achievement.

Sorry, I don't like wallowing in self pity, but when it's the best thing I've ever done, doing so poorly, it's hard not to have 5 mins being a tart about it. All out of my system now, although don't get me started about Loved Up getting poor reviews 'cause it's "gay"
( Wait 'til Loved Up II - A mouth full of spunk, that'll get the homophobic vote ).


Adobe's new baby(s)

Just a short and sweet post, Flex 3 is finally out. Find out more here
( I've been using the beta for a week or so on and off, but I've not had chance to play with the profiler, but I'm hoping we're going to see a huge list of optimisations because of it ).

Also I'm not sure this is news ( Well it is, just not sure how new it is ), but Air is out too. Continue the clicking frenzy and go here to find out more.


Just stunning

We're not really a linky kind of blog, but these two bad boys are just too good not to share.

First up is whitevoid's site. If you've played Dirt then you'll love this, actually even if you haven't it should still blow you away. I'm not a huge fan of experimental navigation, but this looks great and everything works like you'd expect it to.

Next up, Get The Glass. A wow game if ever there was one, produced by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and North Kingdom.

Two example of really aspirational work.


Sweet walkthroughs

Some of the gimme5 community have gone a bit above and beyond and posted level walkthroughs for the Phantom Mansion games onto youTube, which really rock.

Here's a sample one, I'm pretty sure if you're stuck on a level you'll find it on there.

( Oh, if you want to actually play the games, here you go ).


A day for sweet, sweet love

Just the finishing touches today, although we lost about 3 hours thanks to Flash's security policies ( The tilesheet is externally loaded, and when running on the test server here and the swf on the live one, it failed to load them. 3 hours wasted on that one ).

I guess I'll liven this post up with a screen grab later, but for the time being go and get Loved Up.


Flash ? Nah, we're a Wii blog now

Whilst we've been talking about tinkering with Flash on the Wii this month, we've got this handy link that Amy kindly sent us to pimp here, and we appreciate the art of pimping, so here it is

A really excellent list of links which should be a good starting point for anyone wanting to look into the subject more.

I promise we'll be back to normal service soon, it's just that things are waiting for sign off behind the scenes so we're like a swan, serene on the surface but hidden away it's a flurry of activity.
One way or another, there will be at least one new game posted here before the 14th of Feb ( Guess what the theme of that will be ).


1st one down

Exactly one year ago today Olli posted on this here blog. Ok, the post was rather bland, and re-reading it now I've got to be honest that it makes me taste sick in the back of my mouth, but it's not ( Thankfully ) the content which matters, it's the intent behind it.

Yeah, as much as I enjoy being a shit to Olli on a public blog, the real reason for this post is to say that GYW is 1 today. We made it.

I can't actually believe that Olli has put up with a year of me saying "Yeah, it's great, perfect almost... but it'd be kinda cool if it did this..." without tracking me down and killing me.

We're really proud of what we've achieved so far, we've got a pretty cool portfollio of work built up in our first year, and we're both even more buzzing about what's to come.

The site went live just the other day and we're both greased and ready to face the terrible twos, so let's have it.