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The final Phantom Mansion went live today. I just needed to share that, after 8 episodes and nearly a year working on it ( A hetic 3/4 days every month just before release ).

So that's it for me and Hector. Freedom.

I'd like to thank all the die hard fans of the series for their constant support, and anyone whose taken the time to vote on it on any portal where they've been hosted.

And it's time for the final link to mansion for this blog, here, right here.


Howdy stranger ...

Just on a quick sidenote:


Law of the West has finally been released to the public.

And as I'm a sponsor slut now ... go play it on newgrounds (and while you there ... vote, damnit :) )

Oh, well, better than gathering virtual dust on my hdd, I guess.


Look at what you could have won

Final couple of days of pinball development so time to show a quick grab. As the table graphics aren't quite final yet I can only show the medal screen.


So the rest of the day for me is adding the final sound effects and there are a couple of bugs and things that need tweaking, then just got to drop in the preloader and it's code complete. From there as soon as Olli's finished the final render of the table and the light layers we're good to try and sell it.

Nearly there.


A proper new game this time

My first ever as3 project went live Friday. I'm not going to slip into a "Phew, as3 is harder than it needs to be" style post, but it must have added at least 2/3 weeks to the overall dev time.

Back on with the show, the game is called "Brain Voyage" ( "Brain Benders" in the UK and possibly Europe, although I think the German version may be called something else again ) and is a port of the Nintendo DS game which launched last week.


I've read somewhere that Dr. Knizia is famous the world over and apparently he's designed many many board games.

There are 3 games included in the package, with two levels given with each. The real life game has a ton more, this is a very cut down taster. There is also a facebook version for those of you who do ( The novelty is lost on me I'm afraid ) which has some pretty nice bar graphs for comparing you to the best players in the world and also with the gimme5 hi-score widget for comparing yourself to your friends.

Over all I'm pretty pleased with it. Having it run next to the real game in an emulator is really freakish as it looks and feels so similar ( Not that big a deal when we were provided with 90% of the assets I know, but still kinda cool to be able to do something so accurate ).

Enough hard sell, if you'd like to play it, clickity clickity click here



It's quite rare a Flash game comes along and raises the bar for a whole genre, but this one does.

Racoon Racing

There's just so much love been put into it. One day all Flash games will be this good.


New old game

Come here a sec and take my hand. We're going to go on a little trip back in time.

Way back when I first started making Flash games I did 3 games as part of the "Majestic trilogy". Making this package was MJ-12, X and Ultra Armageddon. MJ-12 was the only one that met any real success, and it ended up on miniclip as my first ever commercial sale ( You won't find it on there though as it was rebranded and had our logos removed. Ah the good old days when things like that were thought acceptable by portals ).

Later on I tarted up the games a little and added a hi-score API for pnFlashGames ( Which now seems to be dead, which is a pity ) who then sold them for a nominal amount to webmasters so they could have "better than free" game content on their site.
I had an idea for a reskin for MJ-12, with the idea of selling it as a limited edition on pnF. A one week only remix thing. Unfortunatly wires got crossed, and it wasn't made a limited edition ( Which I wasn't happy about as it just came across as a lazy cashing in on an existing game, rather than a bit of fun as was intended ) but rather was just added to the store there until it all died.

I was looking through my storage folder on the hdd the other day, and re-discovered it. After showing it to both olli and Jeff @ 8bitRocket to make sure it still stood up ok as a game I cracked and removed the old branding, fixed and tweaked some minor things, and now it's sitting on GameJacket.


I'm almost bracing myself for the "It's not very original" comments on all the sites it ends up sitting on, I say almost, 'cause to be honest I couldn't really give a shit. It is what it is.



Sex wee

I've been waiting for the new version of Box2D to be ported to as3, and today it's done and out there.

That means I can finally finish a game we've been working on, which required some of the new features of version 2. I don't think I'm giving too much away if I say it features a pin and a ball am I ?


Meanwhile ...

some might remeber me posting about a sparetime project of mine: Law of the West. It's been quite about it for a good deal of time now, but after a *shit* week I finally got into gear to finish the last damn 5% of it.

The last two night were spent adding the last pice of love to the game, a highscore/gameover screen (the normal gameover screen was in for ages), levels (99, featuring all uglyness I could come up with) and some additions here and there like ingame key-hints when the level starts (this is for all those people who don't read the instructions) and mouse control (it  was designed as keyboard only game).

lThe book of instructions
a shot from the "How to" section (scaled)

Tonight at around 0200h it finally hit gold status, although it took me another three hours to fix (or in terms of flash: work around) some *weird bug*.
Here's a short description, maybe it helps you to avoid it.
LotW consists of two files (game and sound) and I wanted to be able to upload the game and get the sound file from another server, possibly streamed instead of a file reference.

To write the streaming "site" was no problem in .net, so I quickly wrote something that take an ID and returns the swf. I tested it using my local web server - no problem.
Then I uploaded the gamefile to and stored the sound and the streamer here on gamingyourway - guess what: it didn't work.

A quick look at the http headers showed that the file was requested correctly and the size returned was correct, too, but flash returned a solid NaN for getBytesLoaded/Total. WTF?

AH! security! That must be the reason ... ok, changed and added all the "allow *" that was needed and tested again - nope still nothing. Oh well.

To make it short I finally wrote a tiny loader.swf that streamed *both* the game and sound file and viola it worked. F$%&§ knows why.

Anyway here's an image I posted earlier for this game but ...

Meet the gang ...
Meet the gang ...

Right now it's not licensed to I keep a few secrets till then ... but stay tuned (at least I can post about a game here :) ).


GYW in new game shock!

Recently we were approached by GameJacket to see if we had some content that we could re-purpose to support their new ad system.

Digging around we found an old ( Flash 6 or so ) reskin of the even older JBJ Sisters game.

It seems that the game has leaked from the gamejacket site, and is floating around the net now, so it's kind of pushed me into pimping it.

( It was on newgrounds, but it got blammed! )

Bit of a damp squib of a release really. Such is the world of ads and sponsors and that.